Stainless Steel Tea Pot with Infuser 33.8oz and 16.9oz


Stainless Steel Craftsmanship: This top-notch teapot is constructed with enduring stainless steel, becoming a must-have for every kitchen. Suited to serve between 2 and 6 individuals, its upgraded features ensure many years of repeated use.

Extended Heat Retention: With its double-wall construction, your tea remains hot for longer intervals, saving you from recurrent trips back to the stove. The vacuum-sealed insulation technique guarantees secure heat containment.

Convenient Brewing: Accompanied by a custom-fit diffuser, it facilitates simple and effective brewing of loose tea leaves. Its avant-garde design and neutral stainless steel tone will elevate any kitchen setting.

Scratch-Resistant and Easy Maintenance: Built to rigorous standards, this high-grade teapot resists scratching and wear. Easy to clean, it’s designed to stand the test of time without corroding or rusting.

Ideal Gift Choice: Perfect for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Given its superior performance and aesthetic appeal, it’s a highly sought-after product. Get yours now!

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Double-Wall Thermal Insulation: Our teapot's double-wall construction promises prolonged heat retention, ensuring your drink stays warm for extended periods.

Superior Stainless Steel Quality: The choice of prime-grade stainless steel ensures that this teapot is a durable and lasting addition to your household.

Effortless Handling and Storage: Its streamlined design facilitates simple pouring and maneuverability, while also conserving kitchen space.


Sturdy Build: Crafted to endure, this teapot is resilient against day-to-day wear, making it a long-lasting kitchen essential.

Detachable Infuser: Featuring a removable straining component, it simplifies the separation of loose leaves from the beverage, delivering a cleaner drinking experience.

User-Friendly Cleaning: The maintenance of this teapot is a breeze. Simply employ a mild detergent and warm water to preserve its luster and functionality for the years to come.


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33.8oz, 16.9oz


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